About Pioneers For Christ

Who We Are

Pioneers For Christ (or PFC, directed by its Core Ministry Team) was established in 1967, primarily to serve the youth and children of the Philadelphia metropolitan region. Although it initially began as a multi-ethnic ministry, ministering to churches (primarily the smaller churches that have under-developed youth groups and children's ministries) in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York areas, Pioneers For Christ now hopes to re-establish its embrace of the whole of the city beyond any single ethnic group or people class. Its current ministry consists of the following:

Historically, Pioneers For Christ (PFC) has had a presence among the youth, and a year-round presence in the city; much of the ministry has been reduced to focus on the primary ministries of leadership training and youth counseling. However, it has been widely acknowledged that the Lord may be calling, empowering, equipping, and preparing its leaders, on every level, to engage in new ministry opportunities - ultimately, to expand the scope of the Pioneers For Christ ministry.

Core Values

We believe that the Core Values of a ministry are the inherent "DNA", the make-up of the ministry, fueling all of the ministry's decisions, activities, and impact. The following are the core values of our ministry:

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