Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: March 31, 2019


I did not receive a confirmation e-mail after I registered, where can I find it?

If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam/junk folder in your e-mail. If you are still unable to find it, please e-mail us at

When will scholarship amounts be determined?

Scholarships will be determined no later than Friday, July 31st via e-mail. Scholarship determinations will not be given out any earlier.

What days can I visit for Jubilee night?

For Camp1 (Youth), Jubilee night will take place on Thursday night beginning at 7:30 PM. For Camp2 (Elementary), Jubilee night will take place on Wednesday night at 7:00 PM.

What time should my children be dropped off a KoBaWoo or Camp during registration?

For Camp1 & Camp2 registration, Campers can be dropped off between 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM at KoBaWoo (bus will leave at 4:00 PM) or 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM at Victory Valley.

What time should I be able to pick up my children from KoBaWoo or Camp when it is over?

When Camp is over, children can be picked up at 11:30AM at Victory Valley, or at 12:45PM at KoBaWoo on Saturday (Camp1) or Friday (Camp2).

How much extra money should I give my Campers?

Please refrain from giving Campers more than $15 for the week.

Is it still possible to change the pick up/drop off option?

It is possible to change the pick up and drop off option. Please contact for any changes you would like to make to your submitted information.

Will my children be able to attend Camp if they have to leave early during Camp?

We believe that Campers that leave early during camp will take away from the holistic experience. If Campers are unable to attend Camp for the whole week, please refrain from registering your child. They will be unable to attend Camp.

Is there a discount for children of pastors (PKs)?

We offer a $75 discount to children of pastors. If you are eligible for this discount, please indicate in the 'Comments' section' of the registration form that the Camper is a child of a pastor.

Can my children still apply for registration when Registrations are closed?

Under special cases, children are able to apply for registration when registrations close, but slots are never guaranteed. An appeal must be made by contacting; if granted, you may receive a late 'registration application'.

Can I register on the first day of Camp as a "walk-on" Camper?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any "walk-on" registrations on the first day of Camp. If you you have any questions, please contact

Can my child/children go to Camp1 if they are a year younger?

Children who are a year younger are strongly encouraged to attend the Camp week that is appropriate for their grade and age group. Under special circumstances, exceptions may be granted. Contact for any concerns or questions.

When does registration begin and end?

Registration begins mid-May. Registration closings do not have a set date. Registration closes when Camper registration slots have been completely filled.

Is my child's spot secure when I register?

Your child's spot is not secure when they register until the registration deposit ($75) or full payment is received within two weeks of registering.

Can I cancel my registration and receive a refund if I paid?

We ask that you are certain about your intentions to attend Camp before registering. We also ask that the registrant, or parent/guardian of the registrant, read our Terms of Agreement before registering. If unforeseen circumstances occur, we are able to provide a partial refund on a case-by-case basis.

Is the food during meals/snacks prepared allergy friendly?

The food prepared/given during meal time and snack time are peanut-free. Food allergies other than peanuts will need our attention. Please write down any allergies that your child may have and type in the severity of the allergy (hives, anaphylaxis, etc.). Although the meals are set, we may be able to alter the snacks given during snack time. Our counselors are trained to use an Epipen and trained what to do during an allergic reaction. If you have any further questions or concerns, please e-mail us at

Are we allowed to send/bring food with our children or when we visit them during Camp?

Yes, however, we ask that you provide food or snacks that are nuts free. Due to the increase in allergies among our campers, we ask that you only bring food and snacks that maintain the health of our campers with allergies.

Can my child with special needs attend Camp?

Our PFC staff is not thoroughly equipped nor trained to accommodate children with special needs. If your child has special needs, we are willing to refer you to other Christian camps that better-accommodate a program that your child can enjoy.

Can our church attend/participate as a group?

Churches are permitted to attend/participate as a group, but we require a separate registration form to be completed for each unique Camper. At a minimum, a $75 Registration Deposit must be paid within two weeks of registering in order to guarantee a Camper's spot for Camp2022. Any deposits made will be applied to the full amount owed, and any remaining balance(s) can be paid on the day of Camp.

What is the address to the Camp location (Victory Valley Camp)?

The address to the Camp location is:
Victory Valley Camp
7472 Sigmund Road
Zionsville, PA 18092

Who do I contact if I have any questions during Camp?

Please contact the following number: (267) 415-6017. Please leave a voicemail if there is no answer. Calls may not always be returned, if there is no seeming emergency to respond to.

If my child is injured while at Camp, how is the injury treated?

If your child is injured, a quick assessment is made whether an emergency hospital visit is required. If so, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital and treated (Lehigh Valley Hospital is approx. 20 minutes away), and the parent/guardian will be contacted using the information submitted at registration. The child's health insurance information will be used/required for these cases; otherwise, any outstanding/additional healthcare costs associated with your child will be billed to you, the parent or guardian. PFC is not liable for any injuries or medical issues sustained during the course of the child's Camp week.

I would like to register a family relative/friend to Camp, but he/she does not speak English as a primary language. Is he/she allowed to register?

Yes, however, we are primarily an English speaking ministry. We would ask the parent/guardian that is registering the Camper to use their best judgment in whether or not the Camper will be able to learn and enjoy Camp with the language barrier.

Can I request to placed in the same cabin as another Camper?

All requests will be heard, however, we do not guarantee that the requests will be honored. We make our best efforts to create the best cabin dynamic that will make Camp an enjoyable experience.