Hall of Heroes

Honoring Excellence, Transcending Traditions, and Preserving Legacies

Pioneers For Christ welcomes you to the Hall of Heroes, where legends are secured and memories are re-lived. We encourage you to reflect upon the years past and reminisce on the joyful moments of triumph.


Pioneer Classic

The Pioneer Classic is one of PFC's longest standing traditions. An epic battle between two teams, Alpha and Omega, their rivalary is one of oldest ever documented in human history. Through a grueling series of physical and mental strength and endurance tests, only one team emerges as victor. We honor the team that took home the prestigious trophy along with the campers elected as Spirit winners each year.

YEAR ALPHA α OMEGA Ω Spirit Winners
2019 OMEGA Kayla Park
Jonathan Yun
2018 OMEGA Christine Kwak
2017 OMEGA Kaylen Yun
2016 OMEGA Irene Lee
Silas Mathew
2015 ALPHA Isaac Lee
2014 OMEGA John Lim

Genesis Excellence Award

Each year, this honor is awarded to the staff member who best embodies and exemplifies PFC's core values. These are the "great" ones - the ones who've gone above and beyond, not just for the two weeks, but for the entirety of the summer. This is our small way of recognizing that their labor of love is appreciated.

Bora Kim

Joshua Kim

Kevin Ro

Donald Han

Tina Kim

Ben Chung

Michelle Jin

Xtina Choi

Daniel Chung

Gina Bang

Tim Shin

Jon Paek

Camp King & Queen

One of the greatest honors that we bestow at camp is the nomination of the Camp King and Queen. These individuals are selected by an undisclosed criteria that is handed down each generation from Director to Director. We honor the following individuals that have embodied the spirit of Camp each year.

Camp1 Camp2
Camp Year King Queen King Queen
2019 Stephen Lee
Arden Chayapruks
Nathan McIntosh (Zion)Petra Lee (Caanan)
2018 Silas Mathew (Calvary)Kaylen Yun (Eden) Lukus Reger (Calvary)Cassidy Chang (Grace)
2017 Daniel Park (Calvary) Elizabeth Kim (Grace) Yechan Cho (Zion) Lauren Yoo (Canaan)
2016 David Kim (Jordan) Lydia Lee (Canaan) Joshua Lee (Calvary) Abigail Han (Eden)
2015* Matt Jhang (Calvary) Janice Jhang (Grace) Joshua Lee (Jordan) Victoria Kim (Grace)
2014 Jonathan Yun (Zion) Jasmine Shin (Canaan) Joo Chan Shin (Calvary) Katie Cooke (Grace)
2013 Holden Kim (Harv-ella) Katie Park (Grace) Codi Yhap (Hollich Haven) Olivia Inn (Grace)
2012 Jon Park (Bethel Pines) Lea Kang (Sam-meta) Andre Choi (Hollich Haven) Jessie Choi (Grace)
2011 David Kim (Bethel Pines) Angela Kim (George Ella) Tim Ko (Hollich Haven) Grace Hong (Grace)
2010 Joseph Kim (Bethel Pines) Donna Hoang (Grace) Han Sung Bae (Bethel Pines) Rebekah Kwak (Grace)
2009 Luke Kwon (Bethel Pines) Abigail Hong (Grace) Shane Bae (Kum-Inn) Yegene Hong (Jubilee)
2008 David Son (Hollich Haven) Yegene Hong (Grace) Sam Jung (Bethel Pines) Gina Bang (Grace)
2007 Joshua Jin (Bethel Pines) Irene Jun (Grace) Topher Kim (Bethel Pines) Stacey Park (Grace)
*Note: Starting 2015, Camp1 was the Youth Camp and Camp2 was the Elementary Camp. Prior, Camp1 was the Elementary Camp and Camp2 was the Youth Camp.

Lifetime Achievement Award

When we ask each graduating camper what their top two wishes are, the first wish is that they could keep coming to camp; the second is that they wish they had found out about camp earlier. We honor those who have caught the camp bug over and over, and over again. *Since Camp2009

Lifetime Achievement (Attended 11+ years)

Nominees (Attended 10+ years)

Prospects (Attended 8+ years)

Early Registrants

Sometimes being on time means you are late. Then there are times when you just want to make sure your spot at camp is secured. We honor those that express their excitement by racing to Register as soon as they can.


  1. Ava Kim
  2. Harper Kim
  3. Connie Yun


  1. Jessica Jung
  2. Joshua Lee
  3. Marin Crabtree


  1. Emily Baik
  2. Christine Kwak
  3. Erin Lee


  1. Joshua Lee
  2. Jake Joo
  3. Marin Crabtree


  1. Josiah Paek
  2. Christine Kwak
  3. Daniel Kwak


  1. Abigail Hong
  2. Cindy Hong
  3. Victor Han


  1. Austin Lee
  2. Alexander Choi
  3. Joey Lee


  1. Timothy Lee
  2. Jessie Choi
  3. Alexander Choi


  1. Jessie Choi
  2. Megan Ro
  3. Sue Bae


  1. Hyeji Lee
  2. Jessie Choi
  3. Megan Ro


  1. Jessie Choi
  2. Sarah Kim
  3. Megan Ro
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Last updated: Sep 5, 2018