Pioneers For Christ invites you and friends to our annual Summer Camping Program. Since 1967, Pioneers For Christ has been sponsoring a Camp for children and high school youth so that they would experience salvation and growth in Jesus in the context of God's creation—in a Camp setting.


Our Program

Every year's Program is different from the previous year (beginning with our Theme). We value innovation in our Program—from the recreational activities, to the Bible studies, to our counseling approach, to our meals, etc. Each year, we pray, plan, test, and execute new ideas— keeping in mind your child's safety, maturity, and renewal.

Our Speakers

For Camp1, we invite perennial speaker, and faithful partner, Rev. Jack Hager (among several guest speakers), to share God's Word (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) with our youth. For Camp 2, we invite Bob Ewerth, a new speaker from the Open Air Campaigners organization (with whom Karen Williams and John Cutlip are affiliated). Bob has been ministering to campers for many years and uses his Sketchboard to actively engage with the campers in God's Word. Our speakers desire to be effective communicators of the Gospel, through Christ-centered teaching. They are gifted in their ministry to children and youth all year long, and they are experts in the "camp" setting.

Special Guidelines

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions related to the above guidelines.

Bible camps are a valuable part of the Church's Christian Education. Alongside the ministry of the Word—preaching and teaching—Bible camps are one of the most effective settings for introducing children and youth to Christ and His Gospel. Commitments made at camps (or retreats) endure. That is why we, at Pioneers for Christ, since being established in 1967, have continually developed our summer Camp Program. We have a history of seeing what the Lord has done (visible in Scripture through the Person and Work of Christ, and visible functionally in our ministry); we see children transform and put their trust in God, and grow to live Christ centered lives for God and His kingdom. We are examples of this same work of God in our lives. Pioneers for Christ (PFC) is a ministry founded in 1967 for children and youth. Transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we "screen" each Counselor candidate annually, keeping in mind Christian spiritual maturity, leadership ability, an d a genu ine love for children. We train and equip the entire Staff in biblical counseling, our Christ-centered ministerial approach, and with Gospel-centered leadership.

We are guided by the following Core Values:

  1. The centrality of the Gospel,
  2. Biblical counseling as our ministerial and educational framework,
  3. Team-based leadership and partnership, and
  4. Innovative programming.

Put together, our values forge an intimate, gracious Community and Program, pointing to the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ. Our Counselors (enabled by the Spirit of Christ) are committed to incarnate the love of Christ as the "centerpiece" of the Camp experience; they care for each Camper, and actively engage them personally and spiritually. Each Staff member sacrifices personal finances and dedicates 2.5 months annually to our time-intensive training and ministry. We are convinced that a Gospel-centered Counselor makes all the difference between a spiritually-transforming experience and a "typical" one. All to train up a child in the Way he should go (Proverbs 22:6).

How to Register & Pay

Please visit:
Register for Camp
Pay for Camp

At a minimum, a $75 registration deposit must be paid within two weeks of registering to guarantee a Camper's spot for Camp2022. Any deposits made will be applied to the full amount owed, and any remaining balance(s) can be paid on the first day of Camp. Churches are permitted to attend/participate as a group, but we require a separate registration form to be completed for each unique Camper.

Departure & Arrival

Going To Camp

Transportation will be provided at KoBaWoo, or you can bring your child to Camp directly; no "walk-on" registrations will be permitted.

We depart on Sunday afternoon. For both weeks, Campers are expected to arrive between 2:30-3:45 pm at KoBaWoo for confirmation of registration. The Camp vans and bus depart promptly at 4:00pm.

If going to camp directly, please arrive between 3:30-4:30pm.

Our Program begins at 5:30PM at Camp (bus seating at KoBaWoo is limited, so we encourage parents and churches, if it is possible, to drop-off and pick-up at Camp directly).

Returning Home

Pick-up From Victory Valley: 11:30am
KBW Pick-up: 12:45pm

Jubilee Night Visitations

Parents, church leaders, and Christian educators are encouraged to visit on the evenings of Thursday (7:30PM, First Week), and Wednesday (7:00PM, Second Week). On those evenings, there will be presentations, what we call "Jubilee Night." Due to programmatic reasons, other likely visitors are discouraged, and all visitors are discouraged from coming to Camp during any other day/evening, so that we can effectively minister to our children and youth. Please honor our sincere request and desire in serving our youth through our Program. We reserve the right to ask anybody — visitors, campers, parents, guardians, former staff members — to leave the camp premises during the course of our program if the staff and/or administrators deem it appropriate.

Contact & FAQs

To contact us (the administrators of Camp), please email us at

For additional details, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Packing List




This is a Christian Camp, which speaks for modesty in dress and not-so-dressy clothing. It's a Camp, so we ask you to prepare appropriately. Clothing at Camp is for protection, recreation, and comfort.

Camper Participation Resolution

The Gospel affords unconditional love to be shown in a Gospel-driven ministry. Yet, the exploitation of a gracious environment for one's own pleasure goes against our values. PFC's Camp shall not serve as a harbor to licentious activity (Matthew 7:6). Camp will not merely be a playground for those with little desire to participate and cooperate in our Program (potentially spoiling the experiences of others); after all, the local church is more equipped to address the year-round needs of our children and youth. PFC, as a para-church Camp ministry, is a time-sensitive ministry to those who register and participate. We, as administrators, are called to discern between those who actively desire to learn about the Person and Work of Jesus (the Gospel)—and those who to take away from the experience. For the sake of effective Gospel ministry, our Genesis Core Team is called to discern the few who have, and could be, detrimental to our week at Camp, and thus, reserves the absolute privilege to revoke/refund a registrant, or to ask certain individuals, according to careful examination, to not participate. PFC also reserves the right to release registrants at any time during the time that they are at Camp. In this grace-driven environment, PFC's leadership will exercise its authority to preserve a safe, gracious environment so that all may be able to consider the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Administrators

For the past 30+ years, the Genesis Core Team ("Genesis") carried the vision and mission of Pioneers For Christ's Camp Program:

The "Genesis" consists of 11 members who play various roles in the ideation, development, design, training, and operation of the PFC ministry at Camp2022. Together, they served in this ministry as early as 1989, and have been serving as an intact team since 2005. They are dedicated to the Core Values of the ministry, and many of them have grown up as Campers at Camp (since as early as 1981). They are committed to the maturity and health of the vision of PFC, and are equally committed to the spiritual maturity and health of every child who attends Camp2022. Reverend Donny Cho is the Executive Director of Pioneers For Christ. He is an ordained pastor, and is the Senior Pastor of Metro Family of Churches in Philadelphia. Donny completed his undergraduate education at Brandeis University (near Boston, MA), and graduated from Plymouth Whitemarsh Senior High School. He is married to Angela, who works as a Physical Therapist for the Good Shepherd Penn Partners network associated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Our Camp Commitment

To provide a Gospel-centered experience with a mature and well-trained counseling team, innovative programming, and dynamic teaching—for your growth in Christ.

Our Guiding Prayer

That many will meet Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord, and that Christians will be refreshed in response to the counsel and teaching of God's Word, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Scriptural Motivation

Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it. —Proverbs 22:6

Please visit our About Us page for full in-depth details about our Genesis Core Team.

Directions & Maps

Directions to Victory Valley Camp

Victory Valley Camp
7472 Sigmund Road
Zionsville, PA 18092

Directions to KoBaWoo

1925 W Cheltenham Avenue
Elkins Park, PA 19027