PFC Staff Application



Introduction to Pioneers For Christ and our Summer Camp Ministry

Greetings, from Pioneers For Christ.

This page is an introduction to our Summer Camp Program for those interested in Counselor Training Program (CTP) and Camp. We appreciate your desire to serve on the Team at Camp. We believe that it is just as important to build a great Camp Staff/Team as it is to put together an exciting and engaging Camp Program; both have been non-negotiable contributors to our success over the span of the past three decades. Therefore, at Pioneers For Christ, we believe it is critical for every member of our Team (Counselor or Gofer) to fully participate in our summer-long Counselor Training Program (CTP).


In order to be eligible for the Counselor Training Program (CTP), we require that each Team member:

  1. Loves the Gospel (that is, by conviction, to cling to the Gospel as "central" in life and ministry);
  2. Loves Ministry to others, particularly, to children and youth; and
  3. Loves Camp (that is, enjoys a Camp-like environment).

Of course, there are minimal requirements that we believe are more negotiable, but should be used as a less-critical guideline:

  1. Age Recommendation: Each candidate should be able to engage at an emotional, physical, social, and spiritual level relative to other members of the Team; we strongly encourage each candidate to consider applying after one year of college-level education (or the equivalent of one year outside of high school, if the candidate chose not to attend college); and
  2. Driving Flexibility: Each candidate should be able to participate at all levels of his/her placement on the Team; we strongly encourage each candidate to be able to attend all mandatory meetings and events with a guaranteed mode of transportation.


Jesus Christ chose human disciples to first experience, and then share, the Gospel. We seek partners in this ministry who desire to (and have been trying to) share "the love they received from Christ" in a way that "Jesus would be honored", and would be willing to learn more of what it means to center one's life around the Gospel, and share in Gospel-ministry as a team. To better prepare ourselves for Christ-centered ministry, we provide the Counselor Training Program to encourage personal Gospel-transformation; some fruits of transformation would lie in the power to live biblically-wise lives in the context of community.

We desire those who are motivated for this ministry—those who would rise to the challenge of learning more of Christ and His ministry in this special context of Camp, to children and youth. As the nature of our ministry is about personal care (and, of course, fun), we desire Counselors who have a genuine love for children and youth. It's true—we do not desire the brightest, nor the most physically able, nor the most outgoing personality (simply having these qualities does not qualify you as a good Team member at PFC, or even a leader in the church, for that matter); we've turned down Staff candidates that many other ministries would embrace, and we've developed deep partnerships over the years with people who never stood out in any ministry. Why? Because we believe that it isn't about skills, or knowledge, or "who" you know, or how long you've been around; we believe it's about transformed Gospel-focused character and teach-ability (humility). In other words, we're not looking merely for "good" or "nice" people, since the Christian life isn't about being "good" or "nice". It's about being new.

Although physical perseverance is needed to endure the summer's training and ministry, we hope for growth in character, humility, and love, since that is the only thing that will enable a Counselor to make it through two weeks of Camp—not personal will and ability to endure, but a genuine love that comes from a transformed heart. A ministry driven by personal "goodness" looks very different from a ministry driven by Gospel-transformation; personal "goodness" has limits and is driven by obligation, whereas a ministry driven by the Gospel springs out of joy and freedom (and there is a visible difference).


We want to encourage our Camp Staff of two realities:

  1. We all struggle trying to live with Christ-in-mind in a fallen world, struggling with our sinful nature (what Apostle Paul sometimes calls "the flesh"); we are all sinners, and our sin is greater than we could ever imagine;
  2. If you are a believer, you are a child of God, and the resources of power and joy are sufficiently found in Jesus Christ. What does that mean? God's grace is greater than you could ever dream.

Therefore, the purpose of our counsel is to set others free, and to practically demonstrate Gospel freedom and love in Christ.

Let us discuss life and faith together (in person, phone or email).

For immediate questions, email

Providential blessings, as you consider applying to become a member of our Team.

By His Grace,

Donny Cho
Executive Director
Pioneers For Christ


  • Reasons To Apply
  • Reasons Not To Apply
  • Costs
  • Application Timelines & CTP Schedule

Reasons To Apply


Why You Would Partner With Us

On one hand, both PFC and our ministry at Camp has changed drastically, and continues to evolve after every year of development (ever since 1989). The "face" of youth ministry—our approach to our ministry to children, continues to develop and grow. Nevertheless, with the many decades of collective experience under our belt, we believe that there are some qualities that are absolutely essential for a Staff member to be successful at Camp. There are also some additional qualities that are critical for a Counselor to be able to adapt to the emerging developments in our approach.

The following are some possible characteristics of a successful candidate for Camp ministry. Of course, possessing these characteristics does not guarantee success. For more definition on most of these points, please refer to the Core Values of the PFC Ministry.

(1) You have a strong desire to center your life around the Gospel—this results in repentance and humility, and a sober confidence that comes by faith—a desire to see your sins, and a desire to transform in Christ (and we do not take this lightly), expressed through sharing openly and deeply in community. You have a strong desire to see how the Gospel is applied to our lives (you desire to think about the Christian life). You have a personality and emotional composition that is being shaped by the Gospel.

Note: Please review our thoughts on PERSONAL CREDIBILITY AND REPUTATION.

(2) You desire to be counseled biblically, you desire to learn what it means to self-counsel biblically (and think with greater biblical wisdom), and you have a desire to counsel others in biblical maturity.

(3) You have a strong desire to grow in community—you believe that good community is critical to Christian growth, and the shaping of your worldview; you believe in being a part of a ministry team. You believe that, on your own, your worldview is more potentially flawed outside of any insight from others. You understand what it means to be part of the Body of Christ (the Church), and desire to partake in that community.

(4) You have a strong desire to innovate; you desire to be inspired, and to inspire others. You desire to look to renew and improve all things that you touch (rather than always looking for shortcuts to reduce your workload).

(5) You have a strong desire to minister with children and youth. And you desire to continue serving with Children and Youth long after Camp in one way or another. You are physically able (and willing) to carry out the daily demands of being a proactive Camp Counselor. You enjoy the outdoors, and are prepared for the difficulties of ministry outdoors.

Please keep in mind—PFC, CTP, and Camp do not exist to help "make you into a better Christian", although all Christians are called to minister to others; we desire to partner and train you to minister to others (to practically live out the Gospel and our Core Values). We do not exist to help you to begin learning how to "do" ministry; our Camp projects are way too short-term to be used as a personal "self-help" program; rather, we desire to help you further develop your approach to ministry, based on a foundational love and experience of the rational truths of the Gospel that is shared by all members of our Team.


THINKING CHRISTIANS are what we, the "Genesis" Core Ministry Team, desire to develop through CTP and Camp. We will challenge you to think through the underlying foundations and applications of Christian thinking—the theology, spirituality, and culture we live in, as well as the "Why people do the things they do," and "how ministry happens," etc. We are interested in candidates who are searching for biblical answers, to think biblically (and to think critically). Together, we will actively seek after greater understanding of the Gospel (the Gospel that saves us from our self-centered desires and self-driven performance). Thinking critically enables you—together with the humility that comes from Gospel-conviction—to see, confess, and address areas of your life, ministry, and church in ways that you never would have done before.

PERSONALITY AND EMOTIONAL COMPOSITION: Sin results in brokenness of our world—our individual and community lives; as a result, the Gospel addresses the flaws of our personality. We do not maintain a philosophy of "that's just how I am. We believe that all portions of our personality are either driven by Gospel-transformation or by idolatry. The Gospel morally redeems the weak parts of personality. God changes our hearts (and in turn, our personality) so that we would more faithfully express the Gospel-love of Jesus Christ to others. If the Gospel addresses my fundamental character, then it surely addresses the often-overlooked aspects as well. Emotional composition refers to a wide range of personal issues—such as fears, insecurities, passions, introverted-extroverted qualities, the ability to be open, how you handle others' emotions and their counseling concerns, social sensitivity to others, and overall ability to handle the difficulties of life.

PERSONAL CREDIBILITY AND REPUTATION: Your personal and moral reputation(s) are significant (though not ultimately determinant of your "whole" person). Reputation is one expression of your credibility, which, in turn, becomes fundamental to how you are regarded by Campers. Campers (let alone anyone else, for that matter) will not consider your counsel if you yourself have not been maturing (and/or have a negative reputation for living out the Gospel). They will tend to disregard your counsel if you have not carried yourself in a credible manner. If you have not been credible in the past year in your respective communities, then you may have a hard time being credible at Camp. If you have NOT lived (spiritually) credibly according to Christ and His Gospel, and rather lived selfishly, materialistically, self-indulgently—for physical pleasure and personal gain, etc., then you need greater reminders of the Gospel (you need counsel); children and youth will not refer to you in counsel, nor take your leadership seriously, at Camp.

TEAM MINISTRY: Though Camp counseling requires individual understanding of the Gospel (and growth in repentance, humility, and Christian love and character), and personal skills in spiritual leadership, we value corporate ministry—the power of working together as one unified team—with one goal, vision, and hope. Much encouragement, accountability, mutual push-for-excellence are parts-and-parcels to a team ministry. If you seek a team-based ministry, this counseling experience has been, and promises to be, a good partnership. If you are more individualistic and do not value a team ministry, then this Camp experience will be difficult and not enjoyable.

PHYSICALLY ABLE AND WILLING means having the ability to physically endure leading children through the Camp experience (including recreation). It means you are not prone to physical weariness; Camp is a physically-demanding experience—we take personal preparation for Camp seriously, even from a physical standpoint. Lack of endurance and physical inability will inhibit your performance as a small group leader (in leading a cabin) and will, at various times, cause loss of spiritual counseling opportunities (since your fatigue will prevent wise counsel to be expressed). If you cannot "run" with the children, you may not be prone to be motivated to continually respond well to the children's spiritual needs. Although this does not disqualify you from candidacy, we strongly encourage you to examine yourself in this area.

Reasons Not To Apply


Why You Would NOT Apply for Camp

Here are some reasons why NOT to apply. Soberly consider (and re-consider) your motivation for applying to our Counselor Training Program. Although some of these reasons are not flawed by themselves, we believe that, if they are primary reasons for your participation this summer, they may indicate a lack of preparedness for what lies ahead.


  1. You are not in agreement with any one, or a number of, the Pioneers For Christ "Core Values". Please refer to our Core Values section on our website.
  2. You wanted to serve in some way over the summer, but other plans fell through, and although you haven't given much thought to the rigors/demands, and the transforming experience, of being on our Team, you didn't like the idea of having little to do during your break.
  3. You are looking for God's direction in your life, and thought that serving with PFC would help you to discover it.
  4. You loved being at Camp as a Camper, and now, after graduating from high school, you find that this is the only way to keep coming back.
  5. Your friend/s or significant others are Counselors or Gofers, and you want to share the summer experience with them. Your sister/brother/cousin was/is a Counselor or a Gofer, and you want to continue on in that "family tradition".
  6. You are looking for spiritual direction in your life, and although you have not been participating in a church for the past year, you thought that serving in a "two-week" missions ministry would kick-start your spiritual life. You heard great things about the Counselor Training Program and want to jump-start your Christian life by serving at Camp.
  7. You get easily irritated by children and/or youth.
  8. You have a hard time submitting to others (younger or older); people have remarked, from time-to-time, that you have a self-righteousness or defensive personality.
  9. You tend to project an air of superiority toward people who think/believe differently than you.
  10. You are not as teachable as you would project yourself to be in front of others.

We are careful to ask you, at the least, to provide an assessment, pending our review of your application—with regards to your availability, commitment, sense of calling (short-term for the summer, but also overall sense of "where/how the Lord is leading you to serve"), and desire to minister to children in our setting. We want to do our due diligence to ensure, to the best of our "flawed" ability to assess, that your experience for the summer will be aligned with our Core Values and ministerial hope for the children who enter into our sphere of shepherding. We ask you to prayerfully consider your calling, your character, and your commitment to this annual "project".


MAJOR REASON: There could be many complex reasons for wanting to be a Counselor or Gofer. This list exists as to help those interested to consider their primary motivations for wanting to candidate as a Counselor or Gofer (we hope that God's work of sanctification even through this "self-screening" process, as well as the Spirit's guidance of the candidate and the Genesis Core Team will clarify the candidate's reason/s for candidacy).

PAST YEAR: A length of time, which serves as a reasonable "range" for a stable Christian life and faith to mature and develop. For returning Counselors, a year means "since a previous year of service at Camp".



In ministries and missions, most people who serve do not make any "profit". Those who serve usually sacrifice, not only time and effort, but personal finances to serve others. This method is counter-intuitive to most secular enterprises and endeavors. In our case, we're not sure what the personal rewards are (except for living out our calling in the Gospel). We are convinced that this ministry is an expression of our love of God in Jesus Christ, and obeying His command to love others, for this generation; the heartbeat of our Team beats freely at the thought of innovating ministerial approaches to the people we minister to—this is built into our "Core Values".

In this ministry, we ask that the Staff candidate sacrifices time, efforts, AND provide the necessary funds for ministry. Each of us provides the funds for our own training! Other camps, conferences, or retreat ministries may, at the least, provide for the camp-retreat costs, and may possibly provide a stipend; ours currently does not. Thus, your very participation is an outward act of Gospel love: your financial sacrifice alone will lead to the spiritual advancement of others.

We do want to provide as much support as we can as a ministry. We are thinking of how to develop the financial infrastructure of this ministry for the years to come to offset the financial burdens for ministry so that we can consistently maintain an encouraged, motivated team. We are asking you to commit to increasing our efforts to broaden our support network.

We hope that the financial obligations will not inhibit of your participation with us. Knowing the reality of the financial cost, we want you to consider this cost before you apply. However, we strongly suggest that you make us aware of your financial situation, so that we can do what we can to make arrangements to support anyone who is in greater need, but is a good "fit" for our team; this way, we can explore every possible option so that finances can be less of a hindrance to your active participation.


Like others who gain funds for projects like short-term missions, we ask our Counselor candidates to garner financial and spiritual support from friends, family and churches; we do have a Ministry Support Network (MSN) fund-raising campaign for you to receive support funds from friends, family, and any other donor who would like to support your participation in this ministry. Despite the fact that many of our team members hold full-time or part-time jobs to sustain their lives, we ask ALL members of our Team to participate in our MSN campaign. Why? Several reasons: (1) it is not a natural thing to ask for help; this is one practical way that each Team member can see the larger Church at work to do the work of the Lord; (2) it IS a natural thing to be self-sufficient, and so, we believe the MSN campaign forces each Team member to learn what it means to rely on other people (God's provision of resources through the Church) for support; (3) it is not a natural thing to be dependent on the Lord, and so, this aspect of our ministry teaches us to continually rely humbly on the calling of the Lord, the provision of the Gospel, and the provision of our faithful Father through the ministry of the Church.


CTP Fee $250 Covers cost of CTP (training materials, supplies, books, staff apparel, selected meals, etc.) By first day of CTP Orientation – staff will not be permitted to participate in CTP Orientation until CTP Fee has been paid
CTP Road Trip Fee $140 Covers cost of gas, tolls, parking, lodging, and dinner on Saturday Total balance of outstanding fees must be paid by August 10 – staff will not be permitted to serve at Camp until balance has been paid
Staff Camp Fee $290x2 = $580 Covers cost of Camp (Campgrounds rental fee, lodging, meals, program-related costs, etc.)
Staff Debrief Trip Fee $80 Covers cost of gas, tolls, parking, lodging, and dinner on Sunday and Monday By first day of Staff Debrief Trip – staff will not be permitted to participate in Staff Debrief Trip until Staff Debrief Trip Fee has been paid
Meals with Team (throughout the months of CTP) ~$100 Members of our Team tend to dine together after our weekly meetings – this is an optional, but essential, part of building Team chemistry and cohesion N/A
Grand Total ~$1150 A minimum of $250 is required to-start. All other fees are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. If you have any financial concerns that may hinder you from applying to or participating on our Team, please reach out to


Application Timelines & CTP Schedule


The following program schedule for CTP and Camp is provided so that the Counselor-candidate would carefully consider availability and ability to participate fully in our summer ministry. We desire your 100% participation in CTP and Camp, but would like to be as reasonable as possible, meaning, that, although some exceptions will be allowed, if we assess that you cannot actively participate in our training and ministry, we believe it would be wisest for you to pursue other ministry options. We take the notion of team-building as seriously as individual development in this ministry, and neither will happen if your presence is lacking, and if you fail to complete the training aspects in the off-hours.

We desire that you have no conflict with your schedule with any portion of the CTP/Camp schedule below. If there are any major conflicts in your personal schedule, please let them be known with the Executive Director, even prior to applying to the Program.

The following are the Staff** needs for Camp2020:

Women 4 Senior Counselors
3 Junior Counselors
4-5 Senior Counselors
2-3 Junior Counselors
Men 4 Senior Counselors
3 Junior Counselors
4-5 Senior Counselors
2-3 Junior Counselors

**A large part of our Staff involves an "invisible" team that manages the Operations of the Camp Program during the two weeks at Camp; we call them the "Gofers". We do not have an application process for serving as a Gofer, since the demands of a Gofer far-exceed any expectations anyone would have. We hand-pick our Gofer team by reaching out to certain trustworthy individuals who would like to partner with us. Gofers do regularly participate in MANDATORY CTP primary activities. If you would like to be considered for a Gofer position, please contact the Executive Director via email personally.

Camp1: Youth/High School Week
(8th Grade through 12th Grade)
Aug 9 (Sun) to Aug 15 (Sat)
Camp2: Children's Week
(2nd Grade through 7th Grade)
Aug 16 (Sun) to Aug 21 (Fri)
You must declare your interest in joining our team no later than Friday, April 26, 2019.

Declare Your Intent to ApplyDeclare your intent to apply to join the PFC staff as soon as possible by emailing a brief note to later than April 26
Schedule Initial InterviewWe will contact you via email to set up a 30-60 minute phone interview with 1-2 Core Team members.Late April to Mid-May
Submit Staff ApplicationComplete and submit the application provided to you. Please keep in mind that the application may include required reading, response papers, and references. The entire application can take up to 2 weeks to complete.Post-Initial Interview
Schedule Final InterviewWe will contact you via email to set up a second round interview with 1-2 Core Team members.Post-Application
Receive Staffing DecisionWe will notify you of our staffing decision within two weeks of your final interview.Post-Interview

CTP OrientationAll StaffJun 6
CTP 1"CTP Underclassmen" onlyJun 13
CTP 2"CTP Underclassmen" only; online component (audio-video) with mandatory wiki-online assignmentJun 20
CTP 3 RetreatMandatory WEEKEND for ALL Staff;
Held at an undisclosed location
Jun 26-27
CTP Sabbath 1 (Full Week)Complete "rest" from ANY Camp preparation activityJun 28 - Jul 4
(Entire Week)
CTP Road TripStrongly encouraged for all Staff; traveling all weekendJul 9-11
(Thurs Eve-Sun)
CTP 4 (Online)"CTP Underclassmen" onlyJul 18
CTP Sabbath 2Semi-"rest" from Camp prep activity; no meetingsJul 19-25
(Entire Week)
CTP 5 (Retreat)Mandatory for all Staff; but "non-lock-in";
Camp production the week following
Jul 31 - Aug 1
Advance DeliveryAll available/necessary Staff members requestedAug 8
CTP Staff BanquetStrongly advised for ALL Staff; approximately 8PM-11PMAug 8
(Sat Evening)
CAMP2020Camp1Aug 9-15
CAMP2020Camp2Aug 16-21
Camp DebriefTo prepare to return to life after missions at Camp, at an undisclosed locationAug 23-24